About Us

Founded and headquartered in London, UK, with international operations in China and Hong Kong, Nuwave Channel Partners has conceptualised, designed and manufactured quality products since 2011, in partnership with our clients, for the travel retail market.

We are the owners of diverse in-house brands – Bitmore, Studio19, Arma London, Wavez and MoMoji – which cover a wide range of product categories including gadgets and tech for all ages, through to personal security, and beach items. We are also distributors for Lego, Trip Clip & Ed Hardy (under license).

Underpinned by a socially-responsible ethos, we create and distribute a breadth of products which will appeal to virtually every traveller demographic, a versatility which has seen more than 50+ of the world’s finest airlines including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Etihad, TUI, EasyJet, Ryanair, Wizz, Vueling, Air Asia, Transavia… listing our products across more than 1600+ routes world-wide

Your Partner to Market for New Brands

If you have a brand or product suitable for the travel sector, we can give you a cost effective route to market by connecting you with our network of premium airlines and travel retail customers by acting as your distributor or agent. As an established supplier to the industry’s leading businesses, we can present your products to the right people – the decision makers. Get in touch today by emailing hoj@nuwave-cp.com.

Our Client-Centric Approach

We treat every customer as an individual and understand that your retail requirements can differ depending on the profile of your customers and your market segment, be it air travel, cruise ships, train stations or ground retail store.

We offer bespoke retail solutions to suit your requirements, as well as a sourcing service to develop new products in close partnership withclients.In addition, many of the established products across our five brands can be customised to fit your corporate identity, image and customer profile.

In summary, from start to finish, we offer you the complete service to help boost your retail revenues and stand out from the crowd with competitively-priced, innovative products, packaged in a way that ideally suits your target customer.

Through our strong partnership, customer-centric approach we now have products that are available on over 1600+ airline destinations and routes, to an audience of over 350 million passengers each year. Why not join us?


We design and manufacture beautiful and precision-engineered productsto give your customers that extra quality and assurance, from stylish personal audio equipment through to compact and travel-safe charging devices.

The quality of our design work is recognized internationally, with accolades including the German Design Award for the Solo Tower Wireless Speaker from our Studio 19 London portfolio.

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