Social Responsibility

As a business with a long-term vision, sustainability is a part of our company’s way of doing business. We strive to act as responsibly as we can within the constraints of our sector with the aim of making the world a better place for generations to come by striking an ever better balance between our environmental stewardship and our business operations. – Hoj Parmar, Founder & CEO

CSR Policy

Our social responsibility programme is born from both a personal conviction as well as business perspective. We are committed to ensuring that any business undertakings are conducted in an ethical, responsible and transparent way, with due care to the planet and our supply chain.

+ Product Stewardship, which includes guidelines to optimise and reduce packaging and prioritises the use of more sustainable materials and ingredients

+ Sustainable Sourcing, which extends environmental and social commitments to its suppliers and includes sustainability criteria in the qualification and prioritisation of suppliers

+ Responsible Manufacturing, which aims to minimise negative effects caused by production on the environment

+ Employees and Facilities, with the objective of reducing the environmental footprint of company staff


Our Customers

Our customers and our customers’ satisfaction drive our business forward, it is paramount to us. We strive to design and manufacture products to the highest standard that have real relevance to our everyday lives. We understand that sustainability, environmentally friendly, ethical and transparent responsible business practises are as important to you, as they are to us. That’s why they make up the core values of our company working practises.

We are an agile and forward-thinking organisation who are constantly aligning our business goals and objectives in a sustainable way.

What we have done and what we continue to do

Over the last few years we have been reducing our packaging size and waste, opting for 100% recycled card, reducing the use of plastic to zero where possible, and in some instances, we are now using fully bio-degradable materials.

But it doesn’t stop there… wherever possible, we will always opt for sustainable materials, recycled materials, or up-cycled materials for actually building our products. Our new range of gadgets and electronic travel accessories will be manufactured using AT LEAST 35% LESS plastic due to innovation. We have found a manufacturing process that uses a byproduct of wheat straw that is reconstituted into a polymer, enabling us to use it as a form of plastic.

What else do we do?

  • Sustainable Sourcing
  • Responsible
  • Marketing
  • Safe working conditions & fair pay
  • Responsive customer services
  • Protecting the environment
  • Supporting social causes
  • Investing in education

Looking after Employees

A company is only as good as the people who run it. We are a small but highly motivated team who share common goals and values about the environment. We encourage an entrepreneurial culture allowing for change when it’s needed at all levels, which more often than not is driven by the employees themselves. To retain loyal and productive staff, it is vital to maintain a good working environment, which allows for flexibility and empowerment at every level. We encourage staff training, and personal development with regular appraisals to encourage further professional development. We offer private medical insurance and support and equal opportunities for our diverse staff.

Community Engagement

We are a Watford based business and we support our home town – and not just the football team!


  • Employ local people
  • Support our local hospital trust and other frontline workers with donations of safety kit and face covers. For every mask order we donate one mask.
  • Through website sales we currently support two causes: specifically, One Tribe and Plastic Oceans. While we consolidate this support, we are also looking at providing educational and training opportunities for children living in rural poverty.

We keep our customers and wholesalers abreast of all these developments as they play a key role in the support we are able to provide


We save rainforest with One Tribe Global

As part of our social responsibility commitments, we are raising awareness of, and directly working with, two important environmental improvement-related organisations.

We are very proud to announce that we’ve partnered with One Tribe.

One Tribe is a Climate Action Platform engaging businesses and their customers to make a positive environmental impact.

They enable businesses to fund environmental projects and educate their customers in climate change initiatives using their ChatBots and consumer data intelligence technology.

They validate business climate action in a measurable and transparent way, providing a real-time solution to the Climate Crisis problem.



Plastic Oceans raises awareness about the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans. We are donating some of the profits from our powered by eco:sense range to the charity and sponsoring some of its events, such as beach cleaning and other initiatives.

73% of beach litter worldwide is plastic and the UK’s Environmental
Secretary has created 41 new Marine Conservation Zones, contributing to its Blue Belt program, which will cover 40% of the UK’s coastline.

Plastic Oceans UK have been experts on plastic pollution for a decade, starting with the award-winning documentary A Plastic Ocean. It’s been named by Sir David Attenborough as

“one of the most important films of our time”

and has ignited mass consumer awareness.

’…now we have engaged citizens – it’s time to solve the crisis and change attitudes…’’

Plastic Oceans programmes engage multiple audiences
on the appropriate use and value of plastics, we commit to long-lasting change.